Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to get NBI in Robinson, Novaliches

If you are nearby Caloocan North, Bulacan or even Quezon City here is
NBI branch right beside your home :)

NBI is located at Robinson, Novaliches Quezon City (Robinson front of SM Fairview)
3/F Lingkod Pinoy area..

Here are the Steps:

1st: If you want to easily process, Be there and wait at around 4am and I'm for sure you're in with the first 50 NBI Applicants. (You just fall in line outside the mall, Don't worry you have of companions there*those applicants)

2nd: Get a number and go back then around 10am or before on that. (It's inside of MALL so there are certain Mall hours that you need to abide, Robinson Mall opens 10am onwards)

3rd: If you get at the 3rd Floor. Ask the guard for your assistance and questions.

4rth: Get an application form and indicate the needed information. (If your purpose is for jobs, write Local Employment)

5th: Pay now at the payment section for your NBI Clearance.

6th: Your next step is you will check the information you've written on your NBI application at the Database.

7th: You'll have your picture and biometric fingerprints.

8th: If you don't have HIT, you will have your NBI Clearance at the same time.
       If you have HIT, you will be gone back then after 2 weeks.